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St Agrestis

St Agrestis - Phony Espresso Negroni

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We've dreamt for months about releasing a caffeinated Phony Negroni variation for Dry January, and alas the day has arrived!

We're so excited to be adding the Phony Espresso Negroni, packed with 40mg of caffeine, to our lineup as a limited release offering!

Made using many of the same ingredients found in its award-winning sibling, the bitter foundation is perfectly balanced and blended with the rich, acidic and bitter notes of espresso. Using only the finest roasted espresso beans, each bottle contains 40mg of caffeine, or about two-thirds of an espresso shot.

Gentle carbonation is added to help mimic the bite and mouth feel that alcohol typically provides.

Enjoy chilled straight from the bottle or over ice with an coffee bean garnish.

200 ml | ABV: 0%

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