Loving the experience of browsing neighborhood brick and mortar bottle shops and wanting to reduce his own alcohol consumption, Douglas Watters opened Spirited Away in the fall of 2020. His goal was to provide an attractive, welcoming space for every New Yorker who wants to explore and discover the world's best adult nonalcoholic beverages. In his spare time, Douglas likes cycling, travel and mixing "low & no" cocktails for family and friends.


Alex Highsmith is co-owner and general manager of Spirited Away. She's also the co-host of the Sober Sallies podcast (a casual comedy podcast about sobriety), and co-founder of the all-female, NYC production company Don, Pat & Tom.

A Utah-born, NYC transplant with a deep love of sobriety culture, creativity, and small business, Alex has found her happy place at Spirited Away, where every day is an opportunity to make social spaces in New York more accessible by offering the best in non-alc. Alex lives in Brooklyn with her partner Sam, and good boy, Jasper.


Liv is an illustrator and painter based out of Brooklyn with a love for non-alcoholic products. Living a more health-conscious lifestyle, they have enjoyed exploring a new world of beverages that don't involve alcohol. In their spare time, Liv likes baking, caring for their indoor garden, and finding new music. Lately they've been drinking a lot of Copenhagen Bla Sparkling Tea, Untitled Ferments Wen Shen Bao, and Lyre's Agave Blanco.