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Boresso - Extra Dry

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BORESSO Extra Dry Non Alcoholic Wine from Italy, Sparkling Dealcoholized Wine from Italy, Low Sugar, Not Sweet, Low Calories, with Premium Gift Box, 1 Bottle (750ml) 25.4 oz

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Indulge yourself, your friends, or your loved ones in a delightful experience with our expertly crafted and elegantly packaged alcohol removed wine. One bottle of our alcoholic champagne with beautiful gift box. The perfect non-alcoholic gift.

STAND OUT AND CELEBRATE IN STYLE: pop the bottle and let everyone join the celebration alcohol FREE! Enjoy your relaxing moments or elevate your brunches without the buzz and hangover. Delightful on its own but also great for mocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and mimosas.

TASTES LIKE THE REAL THING: Beautifully Dry and Crisp, NOT Sugary, NOT Sweet. Captures the flavor profile reminiscent of Brut Prosecco and Champagne minus the alcohol content.

CRAFTED FOR YOUR WELL BEING: Only 40 Calories per 8 Fl oz, No added Sugars, No Preservatives, No Fruit Juice, No Filler. Designed for a Champagne experience.

Ingredients: Dealcoholized wine, grape must, carbon dioxide. Contains sulphites.

250ml bottle (25.4 fl oz) with gift box.

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