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Kally - Golden Sparkler

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Spring '23 Release | Non-Alcoholic | 750ml Bottle | 365 Cases Produced

Delicate, tart, and bright. Notes of citrus and jasmine stand out in this complex sparkling wine alternative. 


Golden Sparkler balances hints of sharp mint, dry tannins and sweet apple with the bite of verjus. In the world of Champagne, Golden Sparkler would be considered "Brut" due to its very subtle sweetness.


Oysters, gruyere cheese, grilled halibut, fried chicken, cheese puffs, and apple pie a la mode.


If Golden Sparkler tastes shockingly similar to Champagne, it's possibly because both start with the same kind of grapes. Even though Golden Sparkler is never fermented (and contains no alcohol) it does contain the same acids as Champagne, malic and tartaric. These acids are gentle and familiar to our palates, making a sip of Golden Sparkler feel like reuniting with an old friend.


No alcohol. No added sugars. No funky additives. Per 5oz / 148ml serving: Calories 21, Sugar 4g

750 mL

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