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Leitz — Eins Zwei Zero Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic White Wine

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Our Chardonnay appeals to people who appreciate the taste and complexity of a Chardonnay-wine, but who are searching for a sober product. The EINS-ZWEI-ZERO family offers all this and they´re not only dealcoholized wine, but the products are also low in fat, low in sugar, and contain roughly one third of the calories traditional wine with alcohol contains. By removing the alcohol, we also remove the metabolism-slowing down and dehydrating effects associated with it, as well as the many risks brought about by being under the influence of alcohol. Another advantage of the ZERO products is, that the same plant compounds that provide health benefits in wines with alcohol have also been found in abundant quantities in alcohol-free wines. Times have changed and so has our lifestyle; people with growing health consciousness or a religious background; designated drivers, calorie counters as well as expectant mothers now have an alternative to drink – EINS-ZWEI-ZERO – Alcohol free lifestyle as it´s best!

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