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Trejo's Spirits

Trejo's Spirits - Tequila Alternative

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Hand Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Tequila.

This unique spirit has been crafted to capture the essence of a Tequila with flavors that are distinct and complex and make the perfect Agave based cocktails like Margaritas, Bloody Marias and Palomas.

When I first started our restaurants in 2016 we built our menu so that everyone, no matter their beliefs or dietary restrictions, could enjoy something.

Having lived on film and TV sets for 40 years, after a long day filming a group of us would normally go out to eat. There’d be a vegetarian or vegan person. Someone would be gluten free or pescatarian. I wanted to create a restaurant where there would be something for everyone and Trejo’s Tacos was born.

Trejo’s Spirits follows the same philosophy. As many of you know, I’ve been sober for 50 plus years. Going out with a group of friends I would usually drink a steaming hot coffee or seltzer water whilst the rest of the group ordered fancier cocktails. I wanted to create a line of non alcoholic spirits so that everyone could participate in the cocktail ritual.

My new line of Non Alcoholic Spirits allows us to be more inclusive. The first product is a Zero Proof Tequila Alternative that is absolutely delicious in a margarita or paloma. We took months to develop the flavor profile, aroma and mouth feel with the best food scientists and mixologists. We then tested it in our restaurants. The overwhelming feed-back was that it tasted amazing. We sell a lot of margaritas and our non-alchoholic one has quickly become a fan favorite.


Whether you are sober, sober curious or just taking a break I'm sure you'll agree these make one hell of a NA cocktail.

Flavor profile: Rich and full of character, with espressions of citrus and roasted agave giving way to a pleasantly peppery finish.

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We offer in-store shopping at our 177 Mott Street (at Broome) location in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. From our Nolita shop, we also fulfill online orders for in-store pickup.

For orders placed online, we also deliver within lower Manhattan to zip codes 10004, 10005, 10006, 10280, 10282, 10038, 10007, 10013, 10002, 10012, 10014, 10009, 10003 and 10011.

Delivery orders placed before 5pm can usually be delivered same-day.